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The creators of this wiki have come together to create this to help and develop new players. When we started playing Kingdom Corps we realised there was a need for a better source of information than what Aiming and Mobage have provided.

A lot of the contributors are all from different guilds and started at different cycles so you'll find a mix of different tactics and ways of reaching targets or goals as either an individual or as a guild.

Our aim is to deliver a better knowledge resource for new players and to grow and maintain a strong community to keep the game running for years to come.

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You can find all of the team that work hard on this on Line.

If you have any questions or suggestions send any of us a message.

Sacred Cow's Line User ID is Veganese 

Name Line User ID In Game Name
Sacred Cow Veganese

W1+2+3 and W4 Veganese

W5 SamVimes Guild CityWatch

Psycho psychoCD All Worlds: Psycho
Ahnaha ahnaha All Worlds: Ahnaha
Vook Vooklife

W123:  Vook

W4: Umbreon



richter0 richter


GiantPickle giantpickle GiantPickle
Faith-falcon faith-chen

W123: faithfalconv

W4: faithffalcon

booger_kc booger


W123, W4: booger

jeffrey_kuiper jjkuiper

W123,W5 Dragonvalley

W4: GoToSleep

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