• Blackagar Boltagon

    Issues To Resolve

    1. 10 round 

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  • Sacred cow

    Greetings Knights,

    This week's new cards from the Wind and Light elements are joining the ranks.

    Windspire Fey with the Tempest skill makes for an elegant addition to a Wind aligned unit.

    Angel Lina may look innocent but coming to battle with a level 3 Blood Buster skill at a competitive cost 6 makes her much more than that.

    Good luck and may the Goddess look favorably on you.

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  • Sacred cow

    In The Spotlight event highlights all the UR cards released since the start of the year. These cards will enjoy a higher drop rate from the Gold Lotto.

    • UR7 Holy Angel
    • UR7 Warstorm Sid
    • UR8 Mist Dragon
    • UR8 Magma Core
    • UR8 Flame Knight
    • UR8 Stormchaser
    • UR8 Sir Lionheart
    • UR8 Warlord Aria
    • UR4 Alchemist
    • UR5 Amuyi Loopa
    • UR6 Goblin King
    • UR8 Dark Lord
    • UR7 Icemage Nieve
    • UR7 Lady Rosalyn
    • UR8 Artemis

    May the Goddess look kindly on you noble knights!

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  • Sacred cow

    May 15 is National Chocolate Chip Day! We celebrate this day with a romp through Baker’s Haven and get the opportunity of recruiting Sugar Bonbon and Pete Seignor to your team.

    Everything is sweeter the fiftieth time around.

    Please check out the News tab in-game for details.

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  • Sacred cow

    Check out the new cards that have been added to the Lotto Line-Up this week!

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  • Sacred cow

    Greetings Knights,

    Game Cycle 1 is scheduled to end for World 4 on May 27. Kingdom Corps will be in Restricted Mode between the Game Cycle 1 End maintenance and the start of Game Cycle 2.

    Game Cycle 1 End maintenance:

    05/27/2014 21:00 (PDT) and will last approximately 5 hours.

    Game Cycle 2 Start maintenance:

    05/28/2014 21:00 (PDT) and will last approximately 5 hours.

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  • Sacred cow

    World 5 Now Open!

    May 21, 2014 by Sacred cow

    Greetings Knights,

    World 5 is now open. This world has the following features:

    • Difficulty level: Easy (World 1: cycle 1) - Streamlined tutorial - Changes to Tutorial reward card. - Game cycle ends when the King Castle is conquered.
    • This world is recommended for players who are new to the game or prefer a faster and easier play style.

    Due to the difficulty level, it’s possible for a cycle to end early.

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