As you look around the map at certain coordinates, you will see Dark Citadels which are effectively a rank 6 Dark Lord Fort.  These are commonly referred to as a c6 (citadel 6 or crystal castle 6).

The standard coordinates for the c6s are as follows, although some worlds may not have all of them:

0,352   352,0   0,-352   -352,0

308,308   308,-308   -308,-308   -308,308

176,365   365,176   365,-176   176,-365   -176,-365   -365,-176   -365,176   -176,365

Normal RewardsEdit

When a DLF is sieged, everyone in the guild gets a basic reward.

Contribution/Suppression Rewards

The extra reward that goes to players participating in the siege of a DLF if they meet certain requirements.  The requirements are that the player has done at least 3% of the damage done to the guards of the DLF, has done at least 3% of the demolition (demo) required to siege the DLF, or owns a tile in the 2 tile radius around the DLF (commonly referred to as 'the grid')


Once a guild has taken control of a DLF, there is a small amount of income received from each DLF.  This income goes to every member of the guild.

c6 Rewards
DLF Rank Normal Reward

Contribution/Suppression Reward


1 Conqueror Ticket

2 Heros Tickets

10 Kight Tickets

2100 SP

2800 KP

5 Fame

2 Conqueror Tickets

5 Hero Tickets

10 Knight Tickets

2100 SP

2800 KP

100 Gold per hour

100 Mana per hour

Durability of Citadels in recent worldsEdit

This list may change as worlds progress

World 1+2+3 World 4 World 5
Citadels 225,000 150,000 T.B.A.
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