A brief description of when and what can happen during safe and defeat periods

Safe Period (Protect period or NCP(No Combat Period))Edit

Starting out: Any HQ or forts cannot be attacked for the first 3 days of joining a world (tiles can still be attacked)

Daily: Between 01:00 and 08:00 server time, you cannot attack or be attacked by enemies. You can still take NPC tiles, DLFs and CCs. Deploys to enemies can be timed before this period is over, as long as it lands after 08:00.

After maintenance: Generally maintenance will last from 23:30 - 00:30 server time and protect period will last until 01:00. Anything that was deployed to an enemy tile will be nullified if it lands within this period.

After you have deployed and successfully conquered a tile (also see , that tile is “safe” for 3 hours. Deploys to enemies cannot be timed before this period is over. The 3 hours must lapse before you can attempt to deploy to an enemy tile.

After conquering a DLF or CC: for 24 hours it cannot be attacked by an enemy

Defeat PeriodEdit

Defeat period occurs when one’s HQ (the castle where you spawned) is defeated by an enemy.

Player defeat: When in defeat, you cannot deploy to enemy territories for 3 days. You can attempt to defend yourself. You can still deploy to NPC territories.

Guild defeat: When a guild HQ is defeated, the winner takes all. All DLFs and CCs are transferred to the winner and the loser gets put into defeat. This applies to ALL members in the guild when this occurs. Same rules apply as to player defeat.

This is why it is very important to protect the main HQ of your guild (also see

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