Getting StartedEdit


At its core, Kingdom Corp is a "persistant RPG". What does this mean exactly? It means that unlike other mobile games, the world is always in motion and in realtime. You can be attacked and your tiles can be taken when you are not actually online and playing. Sounds like a drag, huh? Alas, that is what makes this game so addicting. Because of this feature, it is basically a game of chess (with guild members being the "pieces"). Do not fear though, this section will tell you what you need to know to get into the game and get started!

Loading the GameEdit

After first installing the game you will be taken to the title screen. From this screen you can adjust the game volume from the "Option" button or view the most recent events from the "News" button.

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After clicking on the "Tap to Start" prompt, you will be taken to the Worlds screen.

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This is where you choose your world. A world is basically a game server. You can make an account on multiple worlds, but the accounts do not carry over to one another (unless the worlds merge, more on this later).

Go ahead and select a world to play on. The game will prompt you to select a name for yourself as well as a starting location. The map is broken down into an x,y tile grid, therefore directions such as NE refer to the +,- portion of the game. The game spawns castles starting at 0,0 and works its way outwards. After completing this step you will be taken to the tutorial.

The TutorialEdit

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