Here you'll find common terms or jargon used thorughout the Kingdom Corps community.

KP: Knight Points

SP: Skill Points

TK: Troop Killer (OR assault) generally have gain/force skills and you add troops to them. Mostly used for PVP and higher rank DLF takedowns and CC takedowns

Troopless/Duel: Cards with rise type skills on them. Do not troop, mostly used in duels and on game for taking lower ranked tiles (unless you make them really strong) and lower ranked DLFs

Demo: To attack a player or NPC Fort/Citadel/Castle with cards that have a demolition parameter greater than 0. Eg Minotaur, Turtle

DLF: Dark Lord Fort

CC: Crystal Castle/Citadel

wpn: the weaponshop

Arm: arm shop

aca: acadamy

cq tickets: conqueror tickets

R 1: rank 1 , power of a tile

Fun TermsEdit

This is a list of terms that have come into being after some funny mistake happened and a nickname for the mistake was born.

Sting: To sting a castle, is to repeatedly use immune cards to defeat the guards of a citadel/castle.  stingthelde was the first person to repeatedly send his immune cards against a citadel (rank 6 cc) and he did it solo.  It took him a week of repeatedly sending his immune cards every few minutes against the guards.  It was an amazing feat at the time.  Since then many people have developed immune cards, but they are far less effective now due to changes in the world settings.

Purple: To purple your demo is to send your demo unit to the wrong castle when you are attacking one, end result being death to the unit and loss of all demo troops.

KuSh: To KuSh it, it to send your TKs to a castle and do greater than 6% damage to the NPCs.

PuRpLeKuSh: To PuRpLeKuSh was to send your demo to the wrong castle and do more than 5% damage to the NPCs.

Vook:  To Vook your demo is to send your demo unit to the castle early and have it survive the NPCs!!!

"#epicfail": The first recorded #epicfail was in w3, when during a fight over a player fort at King's Castle, GiantPickle sent demo from the wrong fort which had no academy and could therefore not do any damage to the target fort.  It has become a fun way to tease someone when they make a silly mistake.  It was also a guild name in cycle 2 of world 1+2+3.

BANISHMENT!!: A term used heavily by one leader in particular guild to be a fun way of teasing someone for a mistake.  The premise was that said mistake maker would be banished from the guild for their mistake.  Of course this never happened... or did it?

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