There is a certain type of card that we call Immune cards.  They used to be far more useful, but still have a niche that they can be good for.  Mostly good for taking up to r6 tiles without troops.  They can also be useful for whittling away at a trooped unit, but that is a more advanced topic.  For now, just consider tile taking.

What is an Immune Card?Edit

An immune card is a card that is immune to a certain type (or types) of damage.  One series of 'abilities' that cards come with are the 'resist' ability.  With the right combination of natural card resistance, a resist ability and a fused guard skill you can make the card immune to damage for some applications.  If you are really lucky, you can get a high level resist ability and coupled with the natural resistance of the card you can get what we call a 'naturally immune card' or one that does not need a guard skill fused onto it to be immune.

What To Watch For?Edit

As you are drawing cards, pay attention to any that you get with a resist ability.  Take a closer look at the card and in particular, check the "Attributes" button on the card.  It will look something like this:

2014-05-23 07.43.38
As you can see here, there is a brighter area to the chart and a darker area.  The brighter area represents the built in or natural resisitance to the various elements that the card has.  This is a Fortune Teller card which is a fire element SR card, so it has a 40% natural resistance to fire.  An SR card will always have 40% resistance to it's own element.  There are different natural resistances for some more common cards.

By looking at the brighter area of the chart you can see that this particular card also has built in resistance of 10% to dark, 10% to light, 25% to earth and 30% to Wind.

The darker area represents modifications to the natural resistance.  In this case, for each level of wind resistance in the ability (Wind Resist Up Lv.4) the card gains 10% resistance.  For this card that modifies the total resistance to wind to 70% (Natural 30% + Ability modification 40%).

So, if you can get a card's modified resistance to 100%, it is immune to that specific attribute and its attack.  Now then, how do you add more resistance to this card?  You would now need to fuse a guard skill onto it.

These 6 cards gives a guard skill

  1. Water guard can be fused from Sage Dario and fire spirit
  2. Fire guard can be fused from Sage Dario and fire spirit
  3. Wind guard can fused from echidina and Wind Mage 
  4. Rock guard can fused echidina and Wind Mage 
  5. Holy guard can be fused from baby dragon
  6. Evil guard can be fused from Lilith and Night Shade 

more will come

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