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A Kingdom Corps Encyclopedia Wiki guideline refers to the etiquette and common practice observed involving the creation, editing, and management of articles on Kingdom Corps Encyclopedia Wiki to make management and presentation more consistent and streamlined. Guidelines are not generally enforced by other users or admins, unlike policies.

Guidelines include ways of organizing information and creating and using shared resources such as categories and templates. Many articles in the KCEWiki category are guidelines.

Miscellaneous guidelines Edit

Guidelines too small to have their own pages.

Item level or level required in article names Edit

In Kingdom Corps, there are some items with the same exact name (like Medallion of the Horde), but different item levels or different level required. In this case, you should add the item level in parentheses like Medallion of the Horde (item level 264) or the level required Medallion of the Horde (level 80). If the item is also faction specific, the faction should precede the item level or level required like Vicious Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty (Horde, item level 371).

Undead is a race, not a status Edit

There has been some controversy on whether being Undead is considered an aspect of race or just a status for the purposes of {{Npcbox}}. Blizzard basically settled this by listing Sylvanas Windrunner's race as "unique undead"[1] in an official bio released for the Icecrown Citadel patch.

  • "Undead" is part of race information, not status.
  • Various undead races: "<specific undead type>" (like Ghoul), "Undead (<specific type>), <race> (formerly)" or just "Undead".
  • Various statuses: "Alive", "Active" (when referring to gods, demigods and related beings), "Imprisoned", "Deceased", "Killable" or "Unknown".

References Edit

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