You don't spend Fame, you invest it.  

Using Fame to get a tileEdit

It takes 1 fame to own a tile, whether it's a basic land rank 1 (abbreviated as r1) tile or a high-resource land rank 9 (r9) tile.  When you take a tile, your available fame is reduced by one, and if you abandon or lose the tile your available fame is increased by one.  If you do not have any free fame, you cannot take a tile. If you successfully attack another player's tile but do not have 1 fame to own the tile, the tile is returned to neutral.

NPC DefendersEdit

Your tiles are not undefended.  The residents of the tile will defend it against any incursions just as fiercely as they defended against your incursion.

Improving tilesEdit

Tiles give resources per hour.  How much they give depends on the type of tile and its level.  When initially captured, a tile is level 1 and gives a minimal amount of resources, depending on the land rank.  You can invest 2 Fame to improve a tile, which increases the amount of resources gained hourly and also strengthens your NPC defenders.  The amount of time needed to improve a tile to the next level increases as the level goes up as listed in the table below.

Time to improve tile
Lv 1 -> Lv2 10m00s
Lv 2 -> Lv3 2h00m
Lv 3 -> Lv 4 2h00m
Lv 4 -> Lv 5 3h00m
Lv 5-> Lv 6 3h00m
Lv 6 -> Lv 7 3h00m
Lv 7 -> Lv 8 4h00m
Lv 8 -> Lv 9 4h00m
Lv 9 -> Lv 10 4h00m

Tiles can be improved to level 10.  The difference in the output of a tile at level 10 varies drastically by the land rank - a level 10 r1 tile would only give 100 (yeah I don't know this number) gold or mana, where a level 10 r9 tile would give 1000 gold or mana.

For tiles r5 and below, you can't tell by the image whether they're gold or mana, but even an R5 tile at its peak would only give 200 gold or mana.  For r6 through r8 tiles, you can tell by the image which type it is.  R9 tiles are a special case - there are R9 mana tiles, R9 gold tiles, and also R9 mixed tiles which give a lesser amount of both gold and mana, and r9 rock tiles that give nothing.

R8 Mana and Crystals

R8 Mana tile (upper right) and two R5 crystals

There are also tiles that show as a crystal on the map.  These can be r5, r7, or r9 and you can't tell which by looking at them; you'll need to click the tile to get details.

The following tables show how many resources you'll get out of a given tile by land rank and level:

  • calculation of lv10 tile is initial amount times 20

lv1 lv2 lv3 lv4 lv5 lv6 lv7 lv8 lv9 lv10
r1 5 26 37 79
r3 5 26 68 89
r4 15
r5 32 53 74 200
r6 gold 190 232 274 400
r6 mana 58 100
r7 gold 116 200
r7 mana
r8 gold 159 222 285 411 474 600
r8 mana
r9 mix 111 142 174 205 237 268 300
r9 rocks 1000
r9 mana

lv1 lv2 lv3 lv4 lv5 lv6 lv7 lv8 lv9 lv10
r1 5
r6 gold
r6 mana
r7 gold
r7 mana
r8 gold
r8 mana 348 474 537 600
r9 mix 111 142 174 205 237 268 300
r9 rocks
r9 mana 370 1000

The crystal tiles give one crystal every 24 hours, regardless of land rank or level, so there is no benefit to levelling those up other than the bonus to the NPC defenders.

What tiles should be improved?Edit

With any investment, you'll want to get the most return for what you put in.  

Expending 1 fame to take and keep an r1 tile will only return you 5 gold or 5 mana, hardly a good investment when that same 1 fame would give 30 gold from a level 1 r8 or a crystal from a crystal tile.

How large a unit is required to capture a tile of a given land rank was covered in Taking A Tile.  Your best investment would be to level up a tile of the highest rank that you can actually take.  

The other reason to level up a lower rank tile are to explicitly strengthen your defenders, but with the defense only increasing 2% per level and lower rank tiles having weak defenders anyway, that's not very efficient.

What tiles should be abandoned?Edit

You cannot attack a tile you or your guild is not connected to, so it stands to reason that sometimes tiles need to be taken just to make a connection, but once that connection is made then unneeded tiles can be abandoned.  Abandoning a tile takes 6 hours.

It's a common misconception that one needs to take all the tiles around their castle to provide a "buffer", but unless you're the leader of a large competitive guild, attacking your castle gives no benefit to the attacker.

Nobody wants your castle

Nobody wants your castle. Don't do this.

This gains you very little - holding a large number of r1 and r2 tiles gives you 5 and 10 gold or mana per hour each, when that Fame could instead give hundreds of gold or mana per hour.

You might want to hold a tile so you or your guild can post a backup on it, to deny it to the enemy.  On higher ranked tiles, improving the tile level can strengthen the defenders enough to turn the tide in your favor.

What is Flatland Count and how does it affect forts?Edit

Different level tiles will have a different number of spaces for buildings if forted.  This can vary from 0 or 1 (r9 rock tiles) to 23 (r9 mixed tiles).  If you're building a fort for battle or to hold a strategic location, flatland count may not be important; if you're building a fort for resources, then a high flatland count is critical as it will let you build more buildings and therefore bring in more resources.  

To find the flatland count of a tile, click on the tile and choose info.  There are two numbers provided; "Before" and "After".  "Before" is for a fort of less than level 3; "After" is a fort of level 3 or higher.


Forted R9 Mix tile showing Flatland Count

Reducing tile levelEdit

Obviously abandoning a tile will free the fame invested in it, but if the goal is to reduce the level the only other option is to build a fort on the tile - forting the tile resets the level to 1 and returns the invested fame.

How much fame should I keep in reserve?Edit

You can't take a tile without any fame.  How much fame you need to hold on to will depend on your plans and activity level.  Keep in mind that unused fame does not gain you anything.

251-294 fame

251 Fame that could be doing something useful.

How do I get more fame?Edit

Fame is gained at a rate of roughly one fame per 12 hours, plus whatever bonuses are gained by the statue level.

Certain quests will give a fame bonus, as will conquering a Crystal Castle.

How can I tell what tiles I have?Edit

There is a list of all your tiles, along with their levels and what benefit they're providing.  It can be found by going to Profile in the menu bar and touching the Territory button.  A list will be returned, sorted by tile level. Some tile actions, such as level up, forting, and abandoning will also be listed here.

Territory screen

Territory screen showing LvUp and Abandon actions in progress

By clicking the Controls button on a given territory, you can LvUP (level up), Abandon, or just go to the land and see its detailed information.
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